March 20th, 2007


OK, this is getting ridiculous now

A while ago, the Jewish community offered me a position which carries some amount of prestige but is a huge time commitment. I politely declined, for exactly that reason. Next thing I know, I'm being publicly congratulated on my new appointment.

Gaaaaah. It's not that I absolutely hate the idea of having this job, and I appreciate that it's the first time in the synagogue's history that they have appointed a female gabbai. But it's very sneaky and underhand to corner me into accepting a job I'd already turned down, by springing it on me in public. The reason I said I couldn't do it is that I already have a lot of Jewish community related commitments, and specifically because I really do not want to be obliged to show up to shul a few minutes before the start of the service every Friday evening and Saturday morning. I do go to services most Fridays and Saturdays anyway, but sometimes I'm a little late, and sometimes I have a non-Jewish guest I don't want to abandon, and sometimes I want to take a whole weekend to travel, and sometimes I just need a flipping break!

Of course it had to happen this week, when I'm already stressed about getting too many responsibilities piled on me. When I had Jewish-related commitments Saturday, Monday morning, Monday evening, Tuesday morning, Thursday morning, Thursday evening, Friday all day, and next Saturday as well, not to mention some of the preparation and admin for this stuff that needs to be done during the week but not at a fixed time. This level of crazy is the exception, not the rule, but even so.

Yes, I'm up past my bedtime yet again, but I needed to vent about this.
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