April 18th, 2007


Good things

I have pupils! And they are the best sort, full of enthuiasm and generally wonderful. I didn't realized how much I'd missed teaching until the bar mitzvah class happened to me.

I have a DRESS! Just the most amazing thing I have ever owned, an orange silk two-piece. My heartfelt thanks to ploni_bat_ploni for helping me with the shopping, everything from steering me away from shiny purple things that were otherwise unsuitable, to reminding me that I can't wear plain black lace-ups with a dress this formal.

The reason I needed the dress is because my cousin J is getting married on Saturday. I am heading to England very briefly to attend the wedding, and while I am there I shall get my hair cut and dyed auburn again. The downside is that I have hundreds of things to do before my flight leaves and not enough hours left for both sleeping and preparing everything.

I shall do my best to get some photos taken of me in the DRESS, and I shall be back on Sunday evening.
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