May 7th, 2007

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Bad news

Just had a phonecall from ploni_bat_ploni, she's in hospital with heart trouble. Probably minor but they need to do loads of tests to make sure. She mainly complains of boredom rather than anything worse.

She asked me to post here; our friends don't entirely overlap but it's better than nothing. She'd been feeling poorly for a while but cleverly managed to get herself admitted while she was in her Home Country, so at least her fiancé and friends can visit her and she speaks the language. (Apparently she has internet access, but the system is too old to cope with LJ or her email account, so effectively she's out of touch.)
Update 10 May: ploni_bat_ploni is now out of hospital. See her journal for more details if you know her.

(Me, I'm ok but uncommunicative for various reasons. I will update once I manage to follow through on the intention.)