July 6th, 2007


Olllllllld music meme

Back when I first started blogging, there used to be a thing called "Friday Five" where you would answer a series of five questions as a way to generate content when you couldn't think of much else. I never did this Friday Five four years ago when it was doing the rounds, and for some reason it popped up into my brain recently. I think it's because I've been expanding my music collection a bit via emusic, and because the listy format appeals to that part of my brain.

Collapse ) Five songs you're really digging right now
  • Hem: Radiation vibe
      I heard this on Pandora just before it was blocked to US only, and the singer's voice grabs my heartstrings while the melody is really catchy.
  • Catie Curtis: People look around
      I don't normally bother with songs about US politics, but Curtis' voice made me sit up and take notice, and then I realized that the lyrics are very clever too. Another Pandora find.
      If they can keep us fighting another endless war,
      How many tears before the truth cannot be ignored?
      And the truth is bigger than these drops of rain, falling,
      Falling in the ocean
  • VNV Nation: Chrome
      Both Judgement and Matter + Form are on emusic, to my great delight. I love both albums, probably the most recent, Judgement, more as an album but some of the tracks on Matter + Form from 2005 are absolutely sublime. I thought Futureperfect was great until I heard these. It was rysmiel who introduced me to VNV Nation.
  • Peter and the Wolf: Killing Time
  • Modernaire: Faites tes jeux [sic]
      I've been scouring j4's and blue_mai's journals for music recs, and those are the two tracks that have grabbed me most just now. There are several others though, so thank you both.
I'm not a great believer in pressuring people to do memes. If you like this one, you're very welcome to it. I think I probably picked it up from darcydodo, but I filled it before going back to look up the details so my memory wasn't precisely accurate. The same goes for some of the lyrics, they might be a bit misheard or misremembered.
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