September 11th, 2007


Home safe

I made it back to Sweden without incident. And when I got here I discovered that the scary tax situation has been resolved, so I no longer have financial worries hanging over me. Also, home smells homey and feels comforting, though I hate the fact that it is so far away from all the cool people I've been hanging out with in the last couple of weeks.

Two annoying things: I changed my left over money back into Swedish kronor, and tried to use an automatic machine to pay them into my bank account. However, the machine decided to throw an error right at the end, after it had swallowed the money! I am pretty sure that the bank will be able to sort this out, otherwise I'll raise merry hell until they do. But still annoying. And I can't log in to LJ using Firefox on my own computer, so I am reduced to the inconvenience of IE, blech. Again, I really hope it's sortable.

I ought to get to sleep rather than trying to make up for weeks and weeks offline, I think!
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livre d'or

Book: Brick Lane

Author: Monica Ali

Details: (c) 2003 Monica Ali; Pub Scribner 2004; ISBN 0-7432-4331-5

Verdict: Brick Lane is not bad, but too didactic to be as good as it should be.

Reasons for reading it: Everybody made a big fuss about it when it was published, and I was very interested in a novel set in the immigrant community of the east end. I was particularly drawn by the title because Brick Lane used to be synonymous with poor Jewish immigrants so it feels like part of my heritage, and I wanted to compare the modern situation of Asian immigrants with the stories I've heard.

How it came into my hands: loreid generously lent it to me. (And I then I was an idiot and failed to give it back when we had a joint party last month, even though I had it in my bag ready to return. Sorry, Loreid!)

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