November 29th, 2007



  • An unexpected bonus of living in Sweden is exposure to charming metal versions of awful R&B songs. I actually like some of Lillasyster's Swedish language originals too, but Umbrella just makes me grin.

  • I got Pandora working by harnessing the power of Google! The OpenPandora program plus the Tor anonymizer do the trick. So now I can discover lots of new and interesting music to spend my emusic credits on, yay.

  • Some really interesting sexual psychology research disguised as a meme. The interesting part is the explanation of the results, which is based on actual science rather than astrology. But if you fill in the meme you will also be helping contribute to the research. (Which is a really cunning plan for getting people to fill in your surveys, incidentally, much better than paying desperate undergrads to do it!)

  • I might even get a proper weekend this weekend.