December 31st, 2007

livre d'or

Book: The Stonor Eagles

Author: William Horwood

Details: (c) 1982 Steppenmole Enterprises Ltd; Pub Hamlyn Paperbacks 1983; ISBN 0-600-20604-1

Verdict: The Stonor Eagles is effective despite being on the melodramatic side.

Reasons for reading it: I had more or less run out of new books by the end of the year, so I was rereading some old favourites while travelling and not awake enough to handle anything amazingly complicated. Also, reading My name is Asher Lev made me think of books about art.

How it came into my hands: A charity shop somewhere on the south coast, I think probably Portsmouth rather than Southampton, some time in the early 90s. I bought it because blue_mai had enthused about it, even though I was not terribly impressed with the badger books by the same author.

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