January 16th, 2008


*stomp stomp sulk pout*

I am in a foul mood, because I've got next to nothing done in four days. This is making me want to hide from everybody, because I don't want to have to answer the question "how are you?" Hiding from everybody makes things worse, so I have a cunning plan: I will humiliate myself in public by making an announcement to the effect that I suck and have no willpower.

Now I can talk to people again, because you don't need to ask me how things are going and I don't need to feel even more wormy when I have to answer. And if I can talk about some other topic than this, I will hopefully be distracted enough not to be a moooody cow at you. But if I am snappish, I apologize in advance.

PS If you think hugs are the appropriate response to this post, you're an idiot. Sorry, I warned you I was in a bad mood.
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On the positive side

OK, since the motivation collapse some time around Friday afternoon, I have managed a few worthwhile things. I shall record them, because I want to remember happy things far longer than I'll want to remember being annoyed at myself this week.

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Oh, and thank you to all the people who were brave enough to come and cheer me up in spite of dire warnings, in between writing this. You guys are really wonderful.
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