March 13th, 2008


Sleep is for the week (eek)

Between now and Monday night I have to:
  • go to morning minyan in a few minutes (which is why I'm up so few hours after getting to bed last night), in order to find people for this evening
  • go to work, finish writing my presentation ie make up a week's work in a day
  • help someone from the community sit shiva, fulfil the mourning requirements for her mother, which is the major spanner in the works that has turned my plan from a tight schedule into not really manageable chaos
  • pack and get things organized for trip to England, which is probably going to have to happen during time I should be asleep tonight, since I don't have any other options
  • get up after a few hours' kip on Friday and give a group meeting about why I don't have enough data
  • get myself to Cambridge, arriving about 1 am Friday night if all goes well
  • get up on Saturday in time to have breakfast and not get into trouble with the parents
  • go to shul
  • go to cartesiandaemon's and try to fit a whole romantic weekend into a couple of hours
  • attend various meet cartesiandaemon's friends social events Saturday afternoon and evening
  • get up far earlier than I would like to in the circumstances on Sunday, connect with parents and go to Brighton for Screwy's birthday
  • end up in the Pembury Sunday night and see lovely people
  • sleep for a few hours, then get a morning flight from Heathrow Monday morning
  • walk straight off the plane and into my bar mitzvah class Monday evening.

    So I'm pretty much abandoning the chat to my friends part of my normal daily routine, sorry guys.

    This morning, in a state between bleary daze and outright panic, I discover that LJ is no longer offering free accounts. It's bad when some wanky protest community gives you better information than the official news post. I need to think this over when I'm more with it, but this is probably the last straw that will drive me away from using LJ as the main place I hang out online. There aren't any good alternatives; I'm really hoping Scribblit actually launches rather than fizzling out.
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