March 21st, 2008


Book: Set this house in order

Author: Matt Ruff

Details: (c) 2003 Matt Ruff (matt_ruff); Pub Harper Perennial 2004; ISBN 0-06-095485-X

Verdict: Set this house in order is well-written and emotionally complex.

Reasons for reading it: There was a lot of buzz about it when it came out, particularly in connection with winning the Tiptree award (was that your Tiptree year, redbird?) It sounded like my kind of thing, and I enjoyed the sample chapters posted on the web; this is one case where pixel-stained techopeasantry led to me buying a new book I might not otherwise have picked up, or waited until it turned up second-hand.

How it came into my hands: Amazon, with the help of lovely hatam_soferet

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