March 26th, 2008



I have about a dozen posts I want to make, lots of book reviews, talking about the fun social stuff I've been doing, thoughtful essays about things like the future of LJ, ageing, stuff from Limmud that I still haven't caught up with... However, I am in a bit of an uncommunicative mood, and it's not helped by feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff I need to post about before I can post about other stuff. I have several emails that I've started and am not really making headway with too.

On a practical level, I have the first of my bar mitzvahs this Saturday, and my first ever opportunity to give a real lecture in my actual professional field on Tuesday. Both of those are things that I'm hugely looking forward to, but both require intellectual and logistical preparation, and I'm really struggling with procrastination. So as much as I am capable of getting my act together in this mood, those have to be the priority.

Many apologies; I'm not really managing my own life very well just now, let alone being there for friends. And I don't even know what's brought this funk on, there is plenty of light (bright skies over snow) and I've had lots of highly social fun in the past couple of weeks, and I have interesting things going on at work, and I've been enjoying plenty of really positive chats with friends. But I'm not entirely coping.
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Flim: Once

Reasons for watching it: No very obvious reason; it just happened to be an English-language film that was on at the cinema.

Circumstances of watching it: I'd just got back home from seeing ewtikins and hairyears off, and was settling down with tea and my flist when Joanna called me and asked if I wanted to go to the cinema with her and her mother. I was a bit tired, and it was exceptionally cold outside, but I thought, why not be sociable. And indeed it was a lovely evening; Joanna won a lottery for an Easter egg, and we had a nice chat over tea afterwards, so I'm glad I braved the cold night.

Verdict: Once is a bit slow-moving but quite charming.

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