July 24th, 2008


Achievements for this week

  • Went out for SA's birthday at an Indian restaurant called Shanti soft corner (no, I have no idea either). It's about as nice as some of the better Cowley Road or Mill Road places, pretty good value, and tasty food, and plenty of choices for an entirely veggie party. Both the atmosphere and the menu are a notch above bog standard curry house; they had rather fun throne-like wooden chairs. Anyway we had some really fun conversation, and it was a good evening.

  • Helped Joanna plan our alt minyan for the autumn. I need to do some more admin for that before I leave for England, but nothing major. And she fed me waffles, yay!

  • Finally finally finished the paper which has been hanging over us for half a year. And submitted it, and dealt with some last minute technical problems. *happy dance*

  • Did some major grocery shopping so I can cook with fresh produce while I have guests. And spent over a thousand crowns, which is a first for me; I think it's a mixture of food getting more expensive and buying slightly more than I usually do.

  • Tidied my flat enough to be respectable for visitors.

    And cartesiandaemon is on his way here (not that I'm counting the minutes or anything) so I am about to start a much-needed couple of weeks' holiday.
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