October 7th, 2008



This year has started reasonably well, I think.

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Other than planning the discussion session for Saturday, I haven't really done any spiritual preparation for YK, mind you. I haven't even contacted people to give them new year greetings (which is the Jewish equivalent of keeping barely in touch via sending Christmas cards). I've had good conversations with cartesiandaemon and pseudomonas, and corresponded a bit with darcydodo and lethargic_man. But I still owe lots of people lots of communication. It's always my number one resolution at this time of year, to be better at keeping in touch with people I care about, but it's an uphill struggle against disorganization.

It's very late to be leaving this, but if I've hurt you or you have any resentment against me from the past year, please talk to me and make suggestions of how I can make amends.
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