December 3rd, 2008


Film: The incredibles

Reasons for watching it: cartesiandaemon recommended it to me, and was curious to know what I would think of the controversies raised by it.

Circumstances of watching it: While cartesiandaemon was here, we'd planned to spend some time just curled up together watching Firefly. But he'd lent out his Firefly DVDs and not been able to get them back, so we watched this instead. I actually really like watching a film with a friend like that, when they've already seen it so don't mind if I make occasional comments during the action, and we can discuss it straightaway afterwards. And it's something I don't always think of doing when I have a visitor because I assume I ought to be paying more direct attention to them; I should consider it for future, at least when I have someone staying for a few days.

Verdict: The incredibles is good fun but doesn't quite live up to its potential.

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