December 7th, 2008


Classical internet radio?

I had one of my rare whims yesterday afternoon to listen to some church choral music. I thought December might be a good time for that because I imagined lots of American classical stations would be broadcasting Christmas carols. (Swedish radio isn't much use for this, partly because the choral tradition here is rather weak, and partly because they are sensible enough to confine celebrating Christmas to actual Christmas, rather than all the way through the autumn.)

In the end I couldn't really find anything suitable, because while I was right about the Christmas music, most of the classical stations I know of only had 64K streams available. 64K really isn't good enough for classical music (and it's kind of inadequate even for pop, honestly). KUSC is ok, with a 96K stream, but at the time I wanted to listen they were doing a three-hour stint of Wagner, no thank you very much. So does anyone have any recommendations for classical stations that broadcast online at decent quality? (I'm not asking for high quality when I'm not expecting to pay for it, but 96K or 128K is bearable and 64K just isn't.)

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