December 22nd, 2008


Things are not going to plan

Friday evening I got in to Heathrow late, and blue_mai and cartesiandaemon's attempt at a heroic rescue was thwarted because I ran out of phone credit and couldn't find a way to top up. So I panicked a lot and eventually got the first bus back to Cambridge Saturday morning, which was unpleasant.

I spent Saturday recovering from this, which meant missing megamole's party, to my disappointment. We did manage to walk along the river to Kettle's Yard and enjoyed the current exhibition in the gallery section there. There was a surprisingly high proportion of emotionally striking pieces compared to incomprehensible modern stuff. One of the artists overheard us talking about her Stations of the Cross, but we were only saying positive things so that wasn't too embarrassing. Then there was a gathering in the Carlton with lots of lovely people, so that was pleasing.

As we were leaving the pub my body decided it was a good time to be thoroughly ill, after several days of feeling like I might be coming down with something. So since Saturday evening I've been feverish, headachey, and suffering from a really painful sore throat. I don't think I've been this miserable in ten years. cartesiandaemon was fantastically patient and sympathetic with me; he fed me lots of tea and tasty food that I could actually face, and sat and watched Love actually with me when I didn't have the brainpower for anything else.

I'd promised the parents that I would go and help them with a community chanukah party Sunday evening. Actually I wasn't much help as I was too dizzy to stand most of the time and reckoned I probably shouldn't be handling food. But cartesiandaemon agreed to walk with me to the venue, which was a great relief as the state I was in I don't think I'd have made it on my own, and once he was there got involved in helping with the food prep and even stayed for some of the party.

I had a horrible night, and today I'm mostly just sitting around feeling sorry for myself. My laptop doesn't want to connect to the wireless here so I'm borrowing Mum's computer to post about how sick and miserable I am. I am supposed to be travelling to cartesiandaemon's family on Wednesday, so I hope I'm feeling somewhat less horrible by then.
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