January 6th, 2009


New Year was so great I celebrated twice

My P'tite Soeur decided to have a NYE party a day early, since she was working on New Year's Day and didn't want to be drinking and partying the night before. My sister does good parties. And then I went to a party with some friends of cartesiandaemon's for the real NYE. Amazingly, the two days just managed to fit into a gap when I was feeling well, so I had a great time.

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Then I was ill again on New Year's Day, not in the way that people expect to be ill, but with a really nasty cough and some more minor coldy symptoms. cartesiandaemon looked after me yet again, and we watched Wimbledon and played some Wii Sports and spodded a bit. It's the first time we've had long enough together to be comfortable just hanging out and not necessarily paying attention to eachother directly, and that worked well too.

I got in a muddle with dates and ended up with Mum expecting me home Friday evening when I'd intended to go home Saturday afternoon. cartesiandaemon was really nice about arranging a compromise, persuading all his friends to meet up a little earlier than planned so I could join them for a drink before I had to head home while they went out for curry. He didn't complain about being deprived of my company either, but that's possibly because my company was not actually very enjoyable due to lurgy. So I had a nice quiet weekend with parents, and some good conversations, and we killed a couple of Times Jumbo crosswords and Mum fed me lots of tasty and restorative food. We went to shul on Saturday, which was pleasant and homey as ever, and lots of people were touchingly glad to see me.

Finally the parents took me and cartesiandaemon out to lunch at Alimentum. I was very impressed with the place; it's doing the grand restaurant thing well, with stylish decor, attentive waiters and a decidedly classy atmosphere, but it manages to avoid being pretentious. And the food is actually markedly tasty as well as being artfully arranged on the plate; they don't have a vast choice for veggies but what they do have is good. I had some very interesting carrot soup (with strange confections of raisins rolled up in carrot slices in it), and some pleasant risotto, and the most intensely chocolatey profiteroles for dessert. It cost about £30 a head, which felt like good value for food that was easily twice as good as affordable restaurant food, and three courses plus some very nice wine and tea and coffee. Mum also helped me pack so that I was able to fit my vast pile of Christmas presents into my suitcase. My parents are great, really.