March 20th, 2009


Book: Athyra; Orca

Author: Steven Brust

Details: (c) 1993, 1996 Steven Brust; Pub 2003 ACE (as single volume); ISBN 0-441-01010-5

Verdict: Athyra is slight, but fun; Orca brings some unexpected novelty to the series.

Reasons for reading it: I'm gradually working through the Vlad Taltos series, which so far range from enjoyable to really enjoyable.

How it came into my hands: cartesiandaemon got enthusiastic about the series too (it's been fun discovering them together!) and bought the next double volume so we could both keep reading. I read Athyra back in December and then didn't get round to reviewing it. And I didn't get to Orca for a long time because the two-volume edition is physically so big that I was never able to fit it in my luggage.

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