May 3rd, 2009

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I'm moving to Dreamwidth. Ask me why.

So, Dreamwidth. It's a fork of LiveJournal, which in my opinion has most of the advantages without most of the disadvantages. And although nothing is certain in the internet world, I think it has a very good chance of being viable and sustainable at least on a scale of years. In short, I'm excited enough about it that I'm ready to ditch the place that has been my internet home for 6 years, and overcome the inertia of moving and the hassle of keeping up with my friends in two places. Let me make this absolutely clear: it's my friends who are important, not the particular flavour of social networking software we're using to keep in touch!

Collapse ) Anyway, for all these reasons, this will be my last post on LJ. Future entries will be at Liv's place over on Dreamwidth. And yes, things are still shaking down, both for the site itself and for my own set-up there, but I'm pretty psyched about finding a new home to love as much as I love LJ.

I am not putting pressure on you to move. Dreamwidth is not going to bring about world peace, it's just another internet site, and if you're basically happy with LJ, why go to the hassle? I'm moving because I'm not happy here any more. I am not cutting you out of my life if you don't want to move to DW. I will continue to read LJ and comment here, at least until they finalize the awesome feature that will let me read all your posts without having to leave DW! I won't cross-post (because I'm a little nervous that doing so would violate LiveJournal's ToS, even though they're not enforcing it at the moment, and also because it's annoying for people who are in both places). I think I'll make occasional posts, perhaps weekly or monthly, with lists of titles of recent DW posts. If you want to read me over there, you're welcome to make an RSS feed there's an RSS feed at liv_dw. I rarely make locked posts, so this isn't a big deal, but if you particularly want to see my occasional comments about work details or family medical issues, I'm happy to friend your LJ account (through the magic of OpenID) so that you can do that without having to join Dreamwidth.

If you do want to join Dreamwidth, and I emphasize it's only if you want to, I won't think any less of you if you're not interested, or if you'd rather stick with the devil you know than trust a newly started site, or whatever, I have a certain number of invite codes. At the moment my list looks like this (deleted names are people who already have accounts from other sources, but do correct me if I deleted you in error):
darcydodo (if you actually want one?)
ajollypyruvate *sent*
jenny_pop (if you're still reading)
------- (new based on this post)
catwithclaws *sent*
hmw26 *sent*
------- (waiting list)
jacquic *sent*
flying_peanuts *sent*
rivermilk *sent*

Comment if you still want the promised code; I have five available right now and I think that covers everybody I've already promised. And comment if you're not on the list yet but want to be added.

I also believe enough in the site that I want to invest in it financially. There's an annoying bug with the payments system right now, such that you have to use a Paypal account to pay, but as soon as that is fixed, I am willing to buy 6 months of paid time for up to 10 people. I'm going to prioritize people who actually intend to use the site, not just namesquat, cos otherwise it's a bit pointless, and I'm afraid I'm not going to pay for random strangers, only if I have at least some idea who you are.

Comments are screened by default, so that you can include an email address to send a code to, or let me know if you have a different name over there so that I can find you on the new site. Or sign up for me to sponsor you with paid time. But I'll unscreen any general chat about your opinions of Dreamwidth or this post or whatever.
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