October 8th, 2009


Yes, I'm reading

Most of my LJ access is from my phone, so commenting is hard and so is filling in polls. If you post one of those ticky if you're still reading things, the answer is yes, but not as thoroughly / regularly as I'd like.

If you post a poll or questionnaire asking if I want to be in your filter for a particular topic, the answer is yes as long as you feel comfortable with me reading what you have to say. Sexuality, religion, boring log keeping, whatever. The only exception is that I would prefer to be filtered out of anything involving weight loss progress, but only if that's the way you run your journal, I won't be offended if you post that stuff unfiltered.

If you post something passive-aggressive along the lines of, if my friends really cared about me they would comment more, that's just too bad. Nobody will be happier than me when I have proper internet access again, believe me!