May 1st, 2015



So I'm considering cross-posting my Dreamwidth entries to LJ after all. Partly because I am a lot less annoyed with LJ than I was in 2009 (though now I'm trying to make an actual post here, goodness me the new update page is irritating!) Partly because LJ seems to be experiencing a bit of a revival and in some ways I'd like to be part of that. And for all its faults LJ has done a lot for the internet in the past 16 years.

For me, cross-posting is somewhat inconvenient as I am still happier at DW overall. But I think there are some potential downsides for my LJ friends as well, so, poll:

Poll #2009858 Do you want me back?

How would you feel about me crossposting my DW posts to LJ?

I'd prefer it, I'm more comfortable on LJ than DW
I would feel neutral, I'm happy with using both sites
I would be annoyed about your posts showing up twice
I would be annoyed about needing to follow discussions in both places
I would feel unsafe if Dreamwidth knew your LJ password and you could see my Friends Only entries
Some other option which I'll explain in comments
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