June 2nd, 2015


Sexually transformative

moominmuppet asked:
Who was transformative in your life, sexually?

I've been talking about writers, primarily, but I mean this broadly; there are lovers and relationships I identify as watersheds in the development of my sexuality, moments of connection with community, essays that reflected parts of my soul back at me and made me think and discover new things about myself; all of that counts.
moominmuppet posts very openly and in very great detail about sex and sexuality, as a form of political activism. So the journal is potentially NSFW, though mostly text only. And similarly the rest of this post is going to include a certain amount of personal and explicit detail, so please don't open the cut if you're uncomfortable with hearing me talk about sexual topics, or if you're in a place where you're likely to get in trouble for reading about sex. Links more or less NSFW too.

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So, there you go; please do answer moominmuppet's question if you feel inspired! Anon comments are as always fine, I'd prefer it if you write some kind of handle on your comment even if it's only "anon1", mostly so I can distinguish different people in the conversation and hopefully keep out trolls.

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