August 12th, 2015

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Getting journal-style friends pages back

Does anyone have a definitive answer to the problem of /friends automatically redirecting to /feed, which means you see your friends page in the site default style instead of the style that matches your journal appearance?

I've seen several complaints about it on my flist, and I've seen several suggestions of fixes in the comments, but they all seem to work really inconsistently. This suggests to me that it's in fact a bug rather than an intentional behaviour on the part of LJ, but I don't know how good LJ these days is at fixing bugs which affect people who want to stick to deprecated site behaviour. The impression I'm getting is that the redirect isn't meant to be happening at all, unless you've specifically opted in, and somehow just changing any setting related to display, or sometimes logging out, clearing cookies and logging in again, is resetting whatever glitch is causing the problem.

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This is really frustrating, partly because I used to be such a power user ten years ago and I would totally have known what was going on and would've had a definitive answer as to whether it could be fixed and if so, how. And partly because LJ is just such a freaking mess of deprecated versions all over the place that it's really difficult to sort through. And I do understand that keeping old versions at least vaguely available after design updates is a popular choice, because people hate change. but it makes it very very hard to deal with bugs if everybody's seeing something slightly different and lots of people are relying on very bitrotted totally unmaintained code. And of course LJ isn't Open Source any more, so I can't even go digging in the code to find out what's causing this nonsense, let alone offer a patch for it.

And I'm just scared that the inconsistent behaviour of redirecting to /feed is going to get fixed in the wrong direction, and they're going to make everybody use /feed and take away the option to keep the old-style, journal matching Friends page altogether. Which would suck, just when I've come back to LJ and was starting to feel approximately comfortable here.
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