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Entertain me!
Thursday, 14 June 2007 at 04:11 pm
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Here's the thing: I need more books. Books are expensive here, especially English language books, and the selection isn't that great either. I can get by with libraries and the few charity shops that exist (it's not as common a custom as in England). But unlike in the UK, I can't really find affordable books that I want as fast as I can read them. If I'm going to buy full-price books, I might as well buy them online.

My thinking is that if I buy lots of books at once, I'll be efficient with the postage costs. That means probably Amazon, since something like Abebooks which is a market place, not a retailer, loses the advantage of combining postage. Or does anyone have any better ideas? I'm not terribly enamoured of Amazon, but I think it's probably the most useful service for the purpose I want.

So, now's the time to recommend me stuff and I might actually get round to buying it, rather than putting it on a list and hoping that the appropriate title turns up some time. I have found that just asking for recs doesn't really work, so I'm going to play a game. If you comment to recommend something that I should buy, I'll recommend you something in the same format. I most especially want recs for books, but I might buy computer games, or DVDs, or classical music CDs too while I'm at it.

If you recommend a book, please recommend a specific title, not just an author. For classical music, I want recs of recordings really, I generally know what I like in terms of composers. (I don't buy classical music as mp3s, because a movement of a classical work doesn't map sensibly onto a "track" in the mp3 sense.) That said, I am subscribing to emusic again at the moment, so if you want to recommend me pop music, please go ahead. Again, I'd prefer specific songs, or at least albums, rather than just names of artists.

Do you need to know my tastes? My last four years of reading material; my music listening habits thanks to Web 2.0. LastFM is basically useless for classical though, so I should add that I like almost all Baroque and most early 20th century Impressionism, but I'm pickier about Classical and the earlier Romantic stuff. As a very broad generalization, I prefer orchestral or instrumental chamber music to opera and choral music, and secular to sacred, but there are definitely exceptions. Favourite composers: Couperin, Rameau, Scarlatti, Bach (duh!), Telemann, Händel, Mozart, Schubert, Dvorak, Ravel, Débussy, Fauré, Scriabin, Stravinsky. I've probably forgotten some cos I'm bad at making lists.

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rysmiel: wilde thing
Date:June 14th, 2007 06:34 pm (UTC)
3 hours after journal entry, 02:34 pm (rysmiel's time)
Hell and damnation and other such swearwords feels like the start of a poem.

Furthermore, it scans to "Raindrops on Roses." Aaaagh.

This is probably ML's fault and not an impulse I should act on.

That would be a humanitarian act.

I feel really embarrassed now, because I so much wasn't fishing for presents by complaining that I'd read most of what I managed to bring to Sweden.

I know that, but the concept of not having anything to read is just... shuddersome. I really do not liek the thought of it happening to you.

Taltos looks like it ought to be about Vlad's early life and presumably includes the bit with the Paths of the Dead that he keeps alluding to, which sounds cool.

This is the case; as I understand it, Brust's ultimate plan is one for each animal of the cycle, plus Taltos at the beginning and The Final Contract at the end.

Is there some good reason to jump over Phoenix, which appears to be next in sequence according to the notes in my trilogy?

Ah. my inclarity. The Book of Taltos contains Taltos and Phoenix and The Book of Athyra contains Athyra and Orca, and while I suppose you could get them in the original single volumes if you wanted, the newer ones are prettier, much more solid physical objects, and so much easier to get that it did not occur to me you might still be able to get the older ones even though you were talking about Amazon. That makes all the ones originally published by Ace; Dragon, Issola and Dzur came out from Tor and are only currently available singly.

You've introduced so many brilliant books into my life, and even given me a good proportion of them, which is really a great kindness.

*shrug* there are things you needed to read; I am just an instrument in the process, and glad to have been so generally successful with the introductions of new books.

Stories of Your Life was actually already on my mental list (which I should probably transform into a physical list somewhere, come to think of it), because coalescent has already enthused about it a great deal, and I've read the title story in an anthology of pnh's that lethargic_man lent to me. Anyway, I have every reason to trust your book recommendations, by now.

There are a couple of other things that I think you would enjoy that are only yet in US hardcover, like Patrick Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind, which I had kind of been hoping to find a paperback release date for to see whether it was worth marking as a present for your next birthday. Oh, and you haven't read anything of truepenny's, have you ?

You really really need to read The ground beneath her feet, because it's so very like The Armageddon Rag in a lot of ways, including quality. Since I need to replace my copy anyway, I will perhaps get two and send one to you.

That would be most excellent.

I can't think of collection of short stories to suggest to you, cos I almost never read short stories. I assume you've read Saki?

Everything, shorts and novels. And those are some peculiar novels.

If not that, it's going to have to be a novel, so what about William Horwood: Skallagrigg? It's deeply flawed, I would even say broken, but it's flawed in ways that few other novels are and the parts of it that work are breathtakingly brilliant, also in highly original ways.

I'd certainly give it a chance on your recommendation; I bounced hard off Horwood's first wolves book though, if that's a relevant datum.
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