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I've had enough of this week

I've been feeling horribly in a rut again this week. My cell culture medium which I ordered nearly a month ago didn't arrive until Wednesday, so I couldn't do any experiments. I was supposed to be working on studying instead but I didn't make as much progress as I should have done. When the medium finally arrived I was able to start a few things, only to discover today that nasty bugs had got into all my cells. The most likely culprit is the new medium, which got lost in transit and probably sat around at ambient temperature for a couple of weeks when it should have been in the fridge.

The silver lining to this was that without any experiments to finish, I was able to go to the talk by my former Überboss D. I'm glad I got to see him; he confused me by giving me a big hug when I was expecting to shake hands, and we caught up briefly. Plus his talk was cool (I'm not going to discuss the details because D is one of the few honest scientists who actually present current work so some of it may still be secret), but he's got some pretty exciting stuff. He made sure to point me out when he mentioned where Boss S is up to with the work I started, which was rather gratifying, especially as it sounds like they're pretty close to an actual usable drug.

So I was more or less in a good mood again on the way home, I stopped off to buy some nice things for shabbat and was looking forward to settling down with a pot of tea and renewed enthusiasm for the stack of papers I was supposed to be reading this afternoon. At that point I realized I'd managed to leave my housekeys in the lab, so I had to go all the way back to Flemingsberg to fetch them.

Oh well. I'll bring shabbat in early, I'm not going to wait until 10 o'clock. And tomorrow I'm going on a trip with the international researchers people, so that should be a much-needed change of scene.
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