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Happy new year

I've just come back from an extremely successful Rosh HaShanah. We had a meal last night, and a service today; both were attended by a good twenty adults (and half a dozen kids), and were thoroughly enjoyable.

Enough people chipped in to help with the catering that what was left to me was a manageable task; HK brought a rather boggling 14lb salmon trout1, and the Ls made honey cake. And most of the community were there, plus some new students and some visitors, and everyone was enthusiastic and nobody made a fuss that we don't do things the way they're used to. Speaking for myself I'm also pleased with how the service went; I feel I did a good job. Generally everything was sociable and lovely and we felt like a community.

I spoke to my Dad, and he tells me that my 'home' community have nominated the Neurosciences Critical Care Unit at Addenbrookes as their charity for this year, out of gratitude for what they did for my brother. To be honest, Screwy has not always had an easy relationship with Beth Shalom; he takes issue with a lot of their approach, and is not at all shy about saying so. But this gesture is the culmination of a year in which they have all worked ceaselessly for both him and my family.

So yeah, right now I am very, very glad to be part of the Jewish community.

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