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Travelling: New York (4)


J and I spent a very pleasant day wandering the length of Broadway to get a feel for New York. After a miserable start to the week, the weather turned glorious the very day we'd earmarked for seeing the city on foot. Less happily, my camera managed to break just as we set out, so I have no real photos of New York (or of the wedding itself, for that matter!)

So we started from Manhattan ('uptown'), where there are lot of mostly old-ish and rather grand buildings, and continued on through the theatre-ish bit (ie the section of Broadway that is like the stereotypical image of Broadway); Time Square, which is full of big flashing lights, creating a rather striking impression; past a long string of electronics shops, and down to the edge of Soho. I'm not sure I've got that in the right order!

This expedition was made considerably more fun by redbird's excellent shopping recommendations, so many thanks to redbird. She wasn't responsible for the little dinky optical mouse for J's laptop; that was only in Staples, so in this case it was the item that was exciting, not the shop. But we followed her pointers to a very lovely bookshop called The Strand, which is enormous and full of delightful things like review copies and remainders as well as second hand books. And we left Broadway to look for Russ & Daughters to buy exceedingly exciting smoked fish for shabbat; this turned out to involve walking a little way into Brooklyn, which was interesting in itself. On the way back we went via a farmers' market in Union Square which sold us some very pretty and very tasty fruit.
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