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Gone away

I'm on my holidays, so if all goes to plan I'm probably somewhere in the Baltic or Northern Europe for the next couple of weeks. (Detailed itinerary in a Friends Only post.) I reach England late on 29th August, and I should be a bit more contactable after that. Back in Sweden and fully online 11th September.

I am taking my trusty (er, 10 years old) mobile with me. So probably the best way to get hold of me is texting +44 7803 000865. I might see email sporadically, or I might not, don't know. LJ comments ditto. I will try to be all 21st century and update Twitter (or possibly even LJ if I can master the technology) with occasional text messages. But anyway, if you happen on this journal don't expect much interaction or new content for a few weeks.

The weather is just starting to feel autumnal, not a lot colder than it has been up to now, but enough that I'm not going to get away with travelling light with only summer clothes. Oh well.

Have fun and keep safe while I'm gone :-)
Tags: logistics

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