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Happy extrovert

I have spent the past week rushing around seeing lots and lots of people and feeding my extrovert energies, so that by yesterday evening I was a little fireball of extremely hyper mood. I spent lots of hours chatting which a wiser person would probably have spent asleep, but never mind.

I am way behind on writing up my trip but hey, I'm going back to Sweden tomorrow. After that I will probably have a bit more internet time, though I am going to be fairly busy over the High Holy Days. Happy New Year to those celebrating it this week, anyway.

But yes. I have seen ewtikins and hobbitz and the sibs and lots of their friends and the PRI and AN and blue_mai and timeplease and a whole crowd of new and old cool people at the Pembury and syllopsium and loreid, kathrid and wychwood and the parents and the sibs again and deborah_c and karen2205 and lots of cool people she knows and doseybat and the Batparents and timeplease and ewtikins again and more cool Pembury people and the parents again... Eeeeeee!
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