Not sheepish, but individ-ewe-al (livredor) wrote,
Not sheepish, but individ-ewe-al

I have the best problem in the world

Too many friends. I owe 25 urgent emails, and I'm not even starting to count the ones I should write to keep in touch with people I care about, but there isn't a reason they need to be sent this week (if not last). A couple of these emails are tricky, cos they involve being sympathetic over troubles that friends are going through. But most of them I want to write, and I will enjoy writing them, and this evening has been the only oasis when I had time to make a start on them in a period of several weeks.

The sheer number of them intimidates me so much that what do I do instead of writing them? Displace with silly internet things that are actually less fun than writing emails. And fiddle with my LJ friendslist, because I have too many virtual friends as well as too many real friends. I've cut a few people, mostly Support people I don't really interact with these days, plus a few people I met at social gatherings, and liked, and never quite managed to form a relationship with by the expedient of reading eachother's journals. Nobody got removed because they have offended me or because I don't like them. (There's a constant drama-free defriending amnesty in operation here, by the way; I am absolutely not going to take offence if my journal isn't a regular read these days.) Of course, then I went and added a bunch of new people I've been intending to get to know, so I haven't made the situation any better.

I have a feeling that what I need to do is set up "appointments" to talk to people in real time, phone or IM, at least for those who like that sort of communication. I am much better at finding the motivation to talk to a friend for a couple of hours, than at finding the motivation to ignore the shiny internet and write emails for the same sort of period. Does anyone have any good suggestions for being organized about this kind of thing in the face of geography?
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