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My friends list are on fire!

In a good way, I hasten to add. I know nobody ever follows links, but you should really make an exception for these three posts. The clever people on my flist make excellent and important points in their posts, which are also fine examples of the best kind of blogging, really good persuasive writing.

  • If you follow UK politics at all, you need to read hairyears on the degeneration of the criminal justice system. Also worth reading the comments to see a very good refutation of an articulate but morally insensitive Labour politician wannabe who shows up argue that it's worth eroding the rights of suspects and increasing police powers in order to protect little old ladies from getting mugged.

  • rho has an excellent response to that Salon article on The T in LGBT. It's a very potent mixture of extremely convincing arguments, with some more controversial personal opinions. Even if you disagree with her conclusions you really ought to be aware of her reasoning.

  • Finally, siderea absolutely blew my socks off with her take-down of that awful book The Secret as well as a really fantastic explanation of the genuine psychological discipline that the book mangled in popularizing. Seriously, stop doing whatever you're doing and read her post. You will catch awesome from it.

    (Me, I'm doing ok. Fighting the procrastination beast, sometimes successfully and sometimes going under. More frequent and original posts to follow soon, I hope.)
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