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Five random things...

...make a post, the saying goes. This has been a bit of a nothing week. So a pot-pourri update to let you guys know I'm still around:

  • The advantage of shopping in the immigrant areas is that stuff is cheaper, and you can get a more interesting range of food (and chocolate spread which counts as ethnic food in this country!). But another advantage is that the junk food is halal, so I ate some meat for the first time since ploni_bat_ploni's wedding in summer. Also, kebabs make me nostalgic for Oxford.

  • Things I never learned growing up in a temperate country: if the ground is icy, it's a really bad idea to just sling a bag over one's shoulder or carry it in one hand. It's worth taking the time to make sure everything is properly balanced, to avoid falling over painfully.

  • I succeeded in arguing with a shopkeeper in Swedish the other day. That definitely makes me feel better about my linguistic competence. And I got the advertised discount on several pairs of brightly coloured leggings.

  • Two brilliant essays on fannish topics: kassrachel on Midrash and fanfic; catvalente on awesome. Darcy, you have to read both of these, but anyone interested in quirky, scholarly takes on internet culture should have a look too.

  • I was supposed to go to an important meeting about the future of education in the Jewish community. When I turned up, noone was there, so I was running around town in a blind panic trying all the other places I might have mistaken for where the meeting should be. And then I was really stressed that I'd somehow got the time wrong and missed the meeting, and therefore let the Progressive group down because I was invited as their delegate to the general community. A week later, after much prodding by me and the Progressive chairman, they admitted that they'd postponed the meeting sine die and forgotten to mention it to me. Well, at least I didn't screw up, but that's really, really annoying!

    Now to finish preparing my Torah reading for tomorrow...
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