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Displacement: friends meme

So, the friends meme, because I love this kind of thing. The order is alphabetical, and I've tried to stick to describing how I know people, rather than describing their characters.

791point43: Friend of doseybat's; I think I've met her once at a party. She has an interesting journal, though.

casby: Casby was doseybat's neighbour in Cambridge.

radinden: Oxford buzzer quizzing connection.

coalescent: Read biochemistry in the year below me at Oxford. The sort of person that all biochemists ended up knowing. And he writes interestingly about the sort of SF that lethargic_man has been getting me into recently.

compilerbitch: I first met Compilerbitch because she's going out with doseybat. But I like her enormously as a person in her own right, not just a Bat appendage! I've been getting to know her mainly through LJ as we haven't met that many times IRL.

darcydodo: I fell in love with Darcy the first moment I set eyes on her, at an Oxford J-soc event early in 1999. And to my continued amazement we actually ended up together for a blissfully happy three years. Anyway now she's one of my dearest friends, despite her insistence on living the opposite side of the world.

doseybat: Somehow or other, we both ended up at a conference designed to encourage school leavers to read maths at university, and by the time we got there, we'd both come to our senses and realized that we really didn't want to do anything of the sort. We started chatting in the registration queue and simply didn't stop for the whole conference. I can't speak highly enough in Bat's praise; she's kept me going through difficult times in my life, and we've had loads of fun together over the past 7 years, and she's introduced me to all kinds of excellent people. I really value her unique approach to life, her way of seeing the best in all kinds of people. I feel literally blessed to have such a wonderful friend.

elemy: Elemy is a schoolfriend, whom I didn't know that well at school although our circles overlapped quite a bit. I got to know her properly at Oxford through darcydodo and roleplaying.

fivemack: Year above me at Merton and also a neighbour and family friend of a good friend of mine from Cambridge, AN.

fluffymark: Met fluffymark via doseybat. They used to do all kinds of mad fluffy things when they were both in Cambridge. And his was about the first LJ I found when I got started, because he has a nice predictable username.

forthright: Runs a very cool linguistic geek webpage, the Phrontistery. I don't know him IRL.

henriksdal: I read her blog, because she writes interestingly and we know people in common.

hmw26: Was in my class at school from the age of 8 to the age of 16. We were close in Junior school but sort of drifted apart because I didn't get on too well with her crowd. And we've got back in touch again via LJ, yay!

j4: I know J4 slightly from Oxford LGBsoc connections. She's a hub person and seems to be multiply connected to my various LJ circles. And she has a lovely writing style.

jacquic: Holds the dubious distinction of having known me for longer than anyone else (excpet my own immediate family). She was my first crush when I was 4 and she was 3; I thought she was a fairytale princess, and took it upon myself to protect her from the tribulations of mundane primary school life. Anyway, she ended up at the same secondary school as me as well, and continues to move in circles which overlap mine.

karen2205: Another Merton connection.

lethargic_man: My boyfriend of a year's standing. I keep promising not to go on about him, but he is indeed very cool. I never thought I would meet anyone so extraordinarily well-suited to me, let alone that such a person would ask me out.

lisekit: LJ connection via various Cambridge people, including unanima mea soror Spanish M. She translates poetry into Hindi, so she must be cool. Plus she writes fascinatingly about stuff I don't know anything about.

loreid: The first time I met her was at a party of elemy's and we made no impression on eachother. The second time we met we suddenly found we'd been talking for hours. And from then on we were firm friends. Among other things she was my first ever roleplaying GM. One of the most fascinating conversationalists I've ever met, and also one of the few people who is capable of making me look good in makeup. Oh, and we share a birthday, which is always good.

mazarin: An LJ random; I found him (?) because he lists 'counterexamples' as an interest, and he has the cool alternative Ozzymandias in his bio. So how could I not friend him?

midnightmelody: Connected to various Oxford friends.

naomichana: Writes just about the coolest blog I've ever read. I completely want to be her when I grow up.

neonchameleon: Knew him slightly at Oxford, I think we met through loreid originally. Since then we've got to know eachother a bit better via IM.

ajollypyruvate: LJ random; I originally found her because she's interested in Karen Armstrong, and it turns out we have common scientific and literary interests also. And she contributes interestingly to discussions on my journal.

pseudomonas: We ended up going out almost by default, because we were on the same course, and pursuing all the same leisure activities, and had very similar approaches to religion, and the amount of conversation we we were having left no time for anything else. It became apparent that we're not actually terribly suited as a couple, but that doesn't stop us from being best friends and having many delightful conversations about anything and everything.

puzzlering: My brother's best friend in primary school, also a couple of years behind me at Merton.

pw201: LJ connection via my Cambridge / Persegirl crowd. We've been having some pretty interesting discussions.

redbird: Connected to me via rysmiel. We had been vaguely reading eachothers' LJs, and she suggested we meet up while I was in New York. We got on famously; that's the kind of cool thing that can happen with LJ!

ruakh: LJ random; we have various interests in common, and he writes interestingly.

rysmiel: A good friend of lethargic_man's. It's kind of hard to enthuse about rysmiel as much as I'm inclined to without revealing information that rysmiel prefers to keep out of the public domain. But anyway, rysmiel is extremely cool, very much a kindred spirit, and we've been having some fascinating discussions, which I hugely appreciate.

sampiano: Friend of darcydodo and various other Oxford people. Very cool guy.

shreena: Persegirl. I've known her since I was 10, and she seems to keep following me around; she was at Oxford with me and very much part of my circle, and spent last year at St Andrews (just across the river) being supervised by a friend of mine from synagogue. Which is very cool, because she's an excellent person to know.

taimatsu: I met Taimatsu I think via Oxford LGBsoc, but we're multiply connected, in particular via an old friend of mine, HS.

terriem: LJ connection, as she knows lots of my Cambridge crowd.

timeplease: I've only met timeplease once, at a party of doseybat's in 2002. I think he's about the only stranger I've ever been attracted to; he also seems a really interesting guy, both from the conversation we had then and reading his journal.

truepenny: I think I found Truepenny's journal via rysmiel; anyway, she writes the most amazing analyses of Dorothy L Sayer, and in general tends to attract really high level discussion about interesting topics.

wychwood: Knows lots of my Oxford circle. I've got to know her better since via various online communications including LJ.

yvesilena: Friend of doseybat, who writes interestingly.

And I've just completed a review of Octavia Butler's Wild Seed, which I finished a few days ago.

Addendum 17.10.03: I somehow stupidly managed to leave fluffymark off the list. Not for any reason at all, apart from the fact that I'm dopey. I knew doing a list like this was going to be risky. So he's now added (in his proper alphabetical place). *grovel*
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  • Social

    I've had a good month for seeing friends I don't spend time with often enough. I managed long phone chats with hatam_soferet and…

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