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Diary: Shabbat

I had a fun and relaxing shabbat. I have a friend, LC, staying with me at the moment, while she's trying to sort out permanent accommodation. It's really lovely to be able to do this kind of favour for friends, and LC is remarkably untroublesome to live with. But it was particularly nice to have a real guest for Friday night, rather than just a metaphorical one. I made far too much food, not being used to scaling up from one person to two, but anyway, it was good food. J&J had given me some lovely cookers from their garden so apple crumble and custard happened.

Yesterday morning I organized a fairly small-scale party for Simchat Torah. This involved demonstrating yet again the breadth of my repertoire of silly games. It was cool, the little Ls enjoyed themselves and a couple of grown-ups temporarily forgot to be dignified and grown-up. I spent most of the afternoon on the phone to EM. Yay conversations.

I may disappear a bit next week; my mother and grandmother are coming up to do some decorating. Which is very nice of them, but I fear it's going to be a stressful week. And I'm very likely not going to have masses of internet time.

Oh, and I've put up some backdated thoughts on Star Maker.
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