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I had Jo Walton's Tooth and Claw on my to-read list, but it wasn't available when I was shopping on Amazon. I happened to mention this on LJ, and rysmiel saw and decided to get me a copy for my birthday, and got papersky to sign it. So now I am really embarrassed, because the whole thing with wanting to read a book by someone you're sort of slightly connected to is that you have an extra incentive to support them.

I'm also embarrassed about reviewing the book. If I actually knew papersky rather than just reading her journal and occasionally making comments (which usually seem to annoy her) it would be much easier, because I could just ask if she wanted me to review it or not. But talking about someone that I sort of know only not actually feels really odd. And it's worse when the book was a present. I think my problem is that I haven't really got over the idea that being dead is a necessary qualification for being an author.

Anyway, because I am a completist, I decided to publish my review in spite of being all awkward and not knowing what the polite answer is. At least I have mainly good things to say, because otherwise I'd feel really embarrassed.
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