Not sheepish, but individ-ewe-al (livredor) wrote,
Not sheepish, but individ-ewe-al

Well, that was an odd day!

I had a busy schedule today, but still didn't do a great job of getting out of the house.

Once I got down to work, I at a critical point in an experiment when I was struck by one of my visual migraines. I discovered that it is just about possible to do precision work while my vision is full of glittering lights, but not very pleasant. Migraine went away fairly fast, as it usually seems to, and left me with a bit of a headache, (a literal ache, not truly painful) and a few hours of extreme tiredness along with solicitousness from colleagues who said I looked awful. Which didn't help when I was massively busy.

Stuff that was supposed to take all of a very full day ended up over-running. And there was an odd miscommunication with my colleague, such that I thought I would do the first half of an experiment and he would take over, and he thought I would do all of it. That wasn't really going to work since I have never applied this particular technique before. In the end he spontaneously agreed to help me with it, which is actually far more use than just him taking over, so that was particularly helpful of him. But between my slight time mismanagement and his generally nocturnal schedule, we had to do the critical bit at about 9:30 this evening.

At some point while I was rushing around doing several experiments at once, and also tired and hungry, I managed to bash myself in the jaw with a clamp stand. Heavy. I really hope it doesn't bruise!

It started sleeting heavily some time mid afternoon, and the yucky weather continued. I'd dressed for the spring which appeared to be firmly here when I got up this morning, so I was a bit cold and miserable coming home.

On the way, I overheard two women having an earnest discussion of Latin verb conjugations.

I got home at 10:30, and completely failed at putting chocolate spread on a cracker. It turns out that the state of "oh look, I appear to be covered in chocolate" doesn't have many fun outcomes available when you're on your own.

Well, at least I've got a fair bit of experimental work done. And now I have tea, and don't have to deal with today any more. So that's positive overall, I think.
Tags: quotidian, work

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