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Not sheepish, but individ-ewe-al

Awesome things meme

So rho suggested that we should combat the negativity that can sometimes predominate on LJ by making a list of five awesome things. That sounds like a fun meme, so here goes:

  1. Spring. Stockholm is just utterly gorgeous at the moment, beautiful weather, long balmy evenings, every living thing out there having a wild orgy. Just walking to the station is a joy at the moment, with the blossom and the scents and the breeze on my skin and the vivid green coming to replace the winter drabness. It's warm enough to wear my cute denim jacket, which is another awesomeness point.
  2. Long, thinky conversations with rysmiel. I have to work to pick exactly the right words to convey something profound about what it's like to be me, interspersed with talking about books and films and Civ.
  3. The song Diamond Heart by Marissa Nadler. Discovered via the ever-wonderful Pandora, and I just can't get enough of her gorgeous, gorgeous voice.
  4. My bar mitzvah pupils. The kid who has his BM coming up next week has arranged for a Holocaust survivor to come and speak at his school and just sent me the most amazing write-up of the story that the speaker recounted. And I'm working with the last BM girl to craft a service that will be really personal to her and she'll play a big part in helping to lead it, and yay, teaching is amazing.
  5. [Censored due to excessive soppiness]
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