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So I've been having problems with hot water for embarrassingly long, and not doing anything about it cos it was an intermittent problem, and cos I was too busy and too disorganized to deal with it.

And then my lovely mother organized for the boiler man to come today, and he diagnosed the problem, dealt with it and talked me through the whole procedure. And generally he's my favourite workman in the world; he even gave me a precise time when I could expect him rather than making me wait around all day. I also love the fact that he says, you're a scientist so you'll understand the technical details, rather than, you're a little woman who obviously can't get to grips with anything mechanical.

And now I have unlimited amounts of hot water on demand. Which, actually, is pretty amazing; before this I'd probably have taken it for granted. Civilization is good.

Mmmmmmmmm bath tonight I think.
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