Not sheepish, but individ-ewe-al (livredor) wrote,
Not sheepish, but individ-ewe-al

Positive waves

I am having a slightly frustrating couple of days, but whining is boring and there are many good things in my life, so I'll talk about those instead of the boring stuff:

  • Lovely, lovely friends. I've been having really cheering regular chats with hatam_soferet and rysmiel, and working on sorting out some communication blips with compilerbitch and lethargic_man.
  • My awesome beau, who showed up with hugs at just the right moment, and reminded me that it's more effective to deal politely with a colleague who was being a complete jerk than to scream at him.
  • Planning summer holidays. cartesiandaemon and hatam_soferet are both going to come to Sweden, and in between I am going to be in England for a week with lots of the people I love and shreena's wedding and it's all wonderful.
  • I am going out to dinner with SA tomorrow. She called me saying she wanted to meet up just as I was writing her an email suggesting the same thing, so I think this making friends thing is going rather well.
  • Lots of really fun conversations on LJ, particularly the ones where posting a couple of silly questions led to interesting discussion about Christian theology and gay culture.
  • Chocolate brownie icecream with fresh strawberries and frozen raspberries.
  • Pasta arrabiata which I will eat in a few minutes when it is ready.
  • Adorable little twin baby fauns hanging out in my garden:
    300 kb image of baby deer

  • I spent the weekend at A&A's summer place, getting a little taste of the idealized Swedish summer experience. Going out to the countryside to sit in A&A's beautiful garden, or stroll through the forest picking berries. Eating herring with new potatoes and breathtakingly delicious homegrown strawberries (I didn't even like strawberries until I moved to Sweden!) Sleeping in cute traditional red wooden houses, which are just rustic enough to be cute, but modern enough to be convenient. (Well, fairly convenient; they have electricity and heating but no plumbing.) It was even sunny, and I'm really flattered to be invited there, cos by custom you go to your summer place partly to get away from people you have social obligations towards but don't personally care about.
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