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Two reasons I love Wikipedia at the moment.

Two reasons I love my friends list at the moment.

Steampunk jewellery. I don't really buy jewellery, but I sort of want one of those watch mechanism pendants.

Also, shabbat was lovely. I managed to make a proper Friday night meal, which is hard to motivate myself for when I'm on my own. Then I went to shul in the morning and it was fairly quiet, but of the few die-hards still around, many were pleased to see me. And I had a nice quiet afternoon and started catching up on some of the stuff I've been meaning to post to LJ.

Finally I went out in the evening to Joanna's new place, which is a perfect little jewel of a Stockholm city flat. It's more or less a bedsit, but a relatively spacious one, and it has a balcony with a view over all the spires and lakes, and the location is fantastic. She made an impressive supper; very few people manage a cooked third meal when they've already prepared two other full meals in advance. And we (me, J, her friend who is visiting from the US, and SS) ate, and chatted, and played the most hilarious game of Settlers I've enjoyed in a long while, and that took us quite nicely to havdalah. Of course, waiting for havdalah at this time of year meant I got home rather late, but it was well worth it.
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