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Survey: Things that make me happy

redbird poses the following question:
Look around you right now and name 3 things you can see in the room you're in that make you smile/happy, even if it is just the tiniest little bit!

And this seems a good question to answer, so...

  1. A heap of boxes
    I'm storing some stuff for my good friend LC because she's been moving around a lot (she's a medical student) and is currently in rather a small room. I really like being able to do little things like that for a friend; it makes almost no difference to me (the flat's really bigger than one person needs, in all honesty), but it makes LC's life a lot easier. So the boxes remind me that I have a really comfortable place to live, and good friends I'm able to help out. I don't know the names of the stuff, cos it belongs to LC, but I suspect it's mainly just stuff.
  2. My teapot
    The teapot itself is white with blue flowers. It was a 19th birthday present from my housemates; by the time of my birthday I'd been at uni for a term, and already established a reputation for being the kind of host that always had the kettle on. Now, I'd bought myself a teapot the first day I arrived in Oxford, (from the original Oxfam shop, as it happens). I bought it because it was so utterly ugly that I fell in love with it. But my housemates thought that someone as tea-obsessed as me ought to have a prettier teapot than that. (The ugly teapot has been on long loan to various of my friends ever since; I think loreid currently has it, but it's been given temporary shelter by darcydodo, J and pseudomonas at different times.)

    The teapot is covered with a ducky little sheep teacosy that J made, J being talented and crafty and generally lovely. The sheep has a fleecy body and stroky velvet head, tail and legs, and its tummy is warm because it's full of tea, and it's utterly cuddlable. J made it as a visual representation of my name sigil, which makes it even more lovely.

    And the teapot is full of tea, which is always a good way to make me happy. I'm drinking the tea out of a left-handed, purple mug advertising some Israeli scientific supplies company. I love this mug because a rep gave it to me as a freebie when I was working as a summer student in a lab in Israel; I was so pleased to be mistaken for a real live scientist worth bribing with freebies, and a Hebrew-speaking real live scientist at that! Plus, it's purple.

    The teapot doesn't have a name; I'm not quite obsessive enough to name my teapot. The teacosy's name is usually just Lamb or diminutives thereof. The sheep-shape cushion cover it matches is called Lavan, though, since the word means white and is also the name of an infamous Biblical shepherd, connected to my own namesake story. The tea's name is, boringly, Scottish Blend; I have many interesting and exotic teas, but sometimes I just want yer basic cuppa like wot builders drink. I normally avoid anything that's trying to sucker people in with the cheap marketing ploy of putting a saltire on the box, but it's worth getting specifically Scottish tea because anything else tastes a bit horrid if you make it with soft water.
  3. My computer
    My computer was my first significant purchase with my own money that I'd earned with my own labour. And it wasn't the latest model even two years ago, so its vital statistics are not exactly anything to boast about. But it runs like a dream compared to the dinosaur I was previously using.

    The computer is currently displaying my LJ friends page. I hardly need to say that I love LJ; that would be why I've spent my only free weekend in weeks obsessively posting here! But I've been particularly thinking recently, that one of the things I didn't expect when I signed up was just how affirming the experience would turn out to be. This was prompted because the other day a random stranger declared that she loved me "in a delightfully ambiguous way", but also, recently I've been described as "one of the most brilliant people I know, and one of the best conversationalists," and "delightful and intoxicating", which is possibly the best compliment I've ever received!

    It's just amazing the way that if ever I write in less than a perfect mood, suddenly a whole pile of people are providing me with hugs, or sage advice, or humourous distraction from whatever was bugging me, or confidence-boosting praise of my character, according to each person's usual approach to these things. Of course, that's what friends do, but if I weren't on LJ I wouldn't bother whingeing at 30 or so friends whenever anything minor went wrong.

    I grew up in a family where everyone was interested in everybody else's life; the brothers found this very frustrating and invasive, but to me it was comforting. And I built up a close social circle at uni which to a great extent took the same thing happened. And now, much as I like living on my own, I slightly regret that I don't have anyone to come home to who would ask how my day was, and be genuinely interested in the answer. But instead, I have LJ, and I'm glad of it.

    The computer's name is Silver Churn; I acquired it at a time when I was soppy enough to be filling up my life with allusions to my beloved. I'm slightly embarrassed by it in retrospect, but I haven't thought of a really good alternative to change it to, so for the time being it stays. I can always say that it reminds me to have patience when the computer's misbehaving. Yes well.
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