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Liv spotting

I am coming to the end of my fantastic summer holiday. I haven't done anything very dramatic, but lots of little things that have been just perfect. I've spent extended time with my beau, and taken time to socialize properly with various Stockholm people, and done a little bit of fun travelling, and this past week I've been in England defeating geography and seeing some of my favourite but rarely seen people, notably hatam_soferet and darcydodo. This has involved some horrendous logistics, and I am most grateful to everyone who's put up with my ever-changing and excessively complicated plans.

Before I head back to Sweden, I am going to be visible at cartesiandaemon's party on Saturday afternoon (tomorrow). If you know me and you're in the area you're probably invited, but check with me first if you can. Contrary to earlier messages, there will be no bridge or stripping.

Then I am going to be at the Pembury Sunday evening, along with hatam_soferet and cartesiandaemon and hopefully pseudomonas. I hope to hug as many people as possible, but you should know that I'll be coming out of a fast so might not be the perkiest.

If you would like to see me but need more info, text (don't call, please) +46 73 693 8186. That's a Swedish number, I don't have an English one cos I'm a bit dopey with mobile phones. Otherwise just show up at either the party or the Pembury and it will all work out.

Communication wise I've been grabbing email every couple of days and skimming my friends list extremely lightly and sporadically. So basically I have no idea what's going on, and am long past hope of catching up. Email me if it's important.

I am waiting with bated breath for the arrival of a new cousin, due today (8/8/8 would be a fantastic birthday, so I hope she does hurry up and come out into the world). Also, shreena is married, yay!
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