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This is my thousandth LJ post. I've been here for just over five years, and I've learnt all kinds of things and made real friends and even found partners. The best reason I love LJ is that it's the anti-geography; it's allowed me to keep in touch with my friends scattered round the world, and really in touch, knowing what's going on in their day to day lives and how they're thinking and actually have a relationship rather than occasional updates.

At this point I'm entirely unhappy with LiveJournal as a business, mind you. I am going to move as soon as there's a reasonably stable alternative. And the transition is going to hurt, but hey. I am not really prepared to go on generating content to help SUP sell adverts. I'm pinning my hopes on Dreamwidth, a planned fork (not a clone) of LJ run by two of the original LJ staff. It was supposed to launch in August, and it's a bit behind schedule, but they seem to have an actual business plan and I've seen with my own eyes that development is actually happening. Some of their ideas are a bit grandiose; if they can really achieve a system where you can host your own installation, or use an account on any LJ based site, and integrate seamlessly with the mother site, it will be incredibly wonderful. But even if they don't quite achieve that, having something that does what LJ does, but with an explicit business model of making enough money from paid accounts to cover a few salaries and hosting costs, so not needing any adverts or having any high-flying financial ambitions, it would be a magnificent thing.

Anyway. Yesterday I was interviewed by a journalist from the major Jewish magazine (an actual glossy magazine that is sold in newsagents) as part of a project on women's experience of Judaism. It was a very fun interview; the journalist was (or at least gave the impression of being) genuinely interested in me. I emphasized the fact that egalitarianism has always been the default for me, it's nothing new or radical for me to expect to be involved in religious life as a woman. And ended up doing quite a lot of explaining Progressive Judaism, but that's not a bad thing.

Also a good thing: I had a really good conversation with doseybat; she's a post-doc biologist and a very good person to discuss work worries with. Also extremely lovely.
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