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So, there are two people I know who have exceptionally beautiful hands, and darcydodo happened to have a photo of both of them together. So I've cropped the hands from the pic and made them into an icon, with help from Darcy over IM. Cos I never really used that cells icon anyway; it was a good scientific photo, but not a very good icon.

If you happen to know who the people are, or can guess, don't think too hard about the implications, please. What can I say? It's better than LotR stills with 'I <3 Orly' scrawled across them. So, I gratuitously present:

Also, in case anyone has missed the extremely well-buried announcement of this, and cares, the mood text and the mood icon are now separated. So you can type free text in the 'other' box and still choose an icon from the drop-down list. Which is what I've done to associate my 'pleased' icon to my 'self-indulgent' mood.

More interestingly (at least I hope so!) I've posted a review of Foucault's Pendulum.
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