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I have a number of posts in my head, including a bunch of book reviews. But I've had a completely draining couple of days, so for the time being I'm just going to remind everybody that I exist by posting a few random thoughts. And see if I'm more coherent once I've had some sleep.
  • I love my friends. I love all my friends, for ever so many reasons, but at this particular moment I'm referring to those people on my friends list who were so prompt to rush in with tea and sympathy, hugs and advice when something annoying happened recently. (Friends locked post because the annoying event referred to something work related that I can't really put in the public domain. Sorry for those of my friends who are not on LJ; I love you lot as well, just, the system has its limitations.) Anyway, thank you all so, so, so much.

  • My Gran has the greenest fingers in the world. She was here a couple of weeks ago, and I don't know what she's done, but somehow, all my plants are suddenly exceedingly happy. Cathy1 the African violet is blooming, my herbs that I was giving up on are flourishing again, Luca2 the money plant and the spider plant from lethargic_man's mother3 are reproducing all over the place in their respective cute little asexual ways. And most excitingly of all, Frederica4 the Christmas cactus is covered in the most flamboyant pink flowers, which is a rare and most delightful event.

  • I love microinjection. I love poking cells with a fantastically tiny needle, the way the membranes sort of bounce back. A lot of what I do is quite abstract; I mix together very small volumes of colourless liquids, put the liquids in a machine, wait a few hours, add something to the mixture, move it to another machine, and get a load of numbers out. But microinjection really feels like doing something, I can see things happening in front of my eyes in response to the actions I do with my hands.

    Another reason why I love microinjection is that if this experiment works, it may possibly save me from the doldrums I was in in my recent friends locked post. I'll know on Sunday. However, this protocol is particularly exhausting; it involves two days of ten hour time courses, and the first is very intense, not all the time, but enough of the time to be noticeable. And the second I had to start less than ten hours after the first finished in order to get through before sunset, so I didn't really have much sleep in between...

  • Today I made bread-and-butter pudding. Considering I'd never made it before, and considering that I more or less guessed at the recipe, it turned out surprisingly well.
1] Named after a former primary school teacher of mine, who gave me a set of three African violets for my 18th birthday; they were the first living things I managed to keep alive successfully.
2] A horrible pun. Sorry.
3] I haven't named the spider plant, cos they don't really have all that much personality.
4] Named after the heroine of Babel Tower.
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