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Not sheepish, but individ-ewe-al

i aten't ded, as they say

So, I realize I haven't posted anything since whinging about the cold. I haven't actually died of hypothermia or anything like that!

Complaining to LJ got me two good effects: firstly lots and lots of friends commented or messenged me with comfort. I still feel slightly guilty about complaining that my central heating was working less than optimally when, since I am in the mood for cliches today, Some People Have Real Problems. But it did me a lot of good, since venting saved me from just giving up and bursting into tears, and then I felt really loved because everyone was so nice, and all those positive things gave me the spoons to contact my landlord and say, look, when you fixed the heating a couple of weeks ago, it wasn't actually fixed, plz hlp. My landlord is lovely and agreed to come the following evening and fix it again, treating any indoor temperature of less than 20 degrees C as a housing emergency. So he did, and now my living space is all lovely and warm and I have amazingly more energy and my mood has totally turned round. Yay warmth.

I've had kind of an awful week work-wise, in that my experiments got absolutely nowhere. Not gave the wrong result, but gave no results at all, and that included a 12-hour stint on Monday. Bleh.

However, now I'm at the airport waiting for cartesiandaemon's flight to get in and looking forward to a fun and relaxing weekend with him. I am going to have a teaparty on Saturday, I think, but otherwise just stay in the nice WARM flat and enjoy my Beau's company. (I am not generally this devoted a girlfriend, to come all the way out to the airport to meet my visitor, but in this case I was teaching in town until 8, and didn't really have sensible time to go home and come out again, and I didn't think I could abandon cartesiandaemon to navigating night transport on his own.)

Other good news: I had a wonderful time at the inaugral Limmud (pluralist Jewish learning day) at the weekend, and didn't post about it because I was too depressed by the cold flat. But I shall post some snippets of learning from that next week. I got chatting to someone I thought I might have offended the first time I met her, and it seems that she's cool with me and is even coming to the teaparty. Also, this evening I taught a really good class on "the future", so I'm pleased about that too.

Between the course I was on last week, and being cold and then stressed this week, my wordcount for Nano has gone to hell. I think I have around 40K, but I'll count up properly after this weekend. Hey, it was a fun thing to do even if I didn't win.
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