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Job hunting progress

I've been horribly, horribly avoidant about looking for jobs, because I am scared I won't get any, and because I don't have a clear idea what I want to do with my future. Stay in academia or get a real job? Stay in Sweden or go back to England, or find a new country to explore? I managed to get started this week, deciding that I'd apply for everything I could find that looks vaguely suitable, and not agonize over every word of my applications, just get some out there.

So far the tally is:
Cold-calls: 1 (Cambridge) Result: semi-positive (he likes me, but has just heard his institution's budget has been cut by 20%)
Advertised research jobs: 1 (Dundee)
Advertised teaching jobs: 2 (Birmingham, University of East London)
Advertised science writing jobs: 1 (PLoS biology, based in Cambridge)

I think of that lot the most likely and probably the most appealing is the lecturer post at UEL. I don't want to be in London, but I like the idea of getting my teeth into some serious teaching, and I think I'm rather well qualified.

I seem to be drifting to the UK by default; that's partly because it's a lot easier to look for British jobs and to judge whether they're likely to be suitable and productive. And it's partly because at least part of me wants to live near a decent proportion of my friends and maybe even in the same country as cartesiandaemon.

In other work mightiness news, I was pushy earlier in the month, with the result that we've managed to get our paper back to the journal with corrections completed, and two others in the group have submitted manuscripts, and there are two more in the pipeline. So I'm reasonably proud of that. And I can leave tomorrow for my long-awaited Christmas vacation with a good conscience.

On the less positive side, I have a stabbing headache, and have done for several days now. It's not bad enough to stop me getting on with things, but I would prefer it not to be there.
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