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2008 year in review
Sunday, 11 January 2009 at 11:13 pm

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Recycling my version of the end of year meme; it's scary how many years I've been doing this for!

I'm afraid that the major event of this year was I started dating cartesiandaemon. (We officially got together on 29th February, but in retrospect we're dating the relationship from Christmas 2007, as we spent the two months after that acting like a couple while deciding whether we were going to get together.) And the relationship has developed more positively than I could have predicted, and we've done lots of reading eachother's books and fun travelling round Europe together, and he's introduced me to more films than I've ever watched before. And I've learnt things about myself that I couldn't have imagined without this relationship. So yes, 2008 was the year of being appallingly couply.

Work was much as last year, I procrastinated and fretted lots in between occasional bouts of enthusiasm. As a result 2009 is going to be a year of panic about job-hunting, and quite likely changing career direction. It's a shame, because I have many reasons to like my job, but it just hasn't quite worked out.

Other than that, 2008 was a year of even more engagement in the Jewish community here. I've got to the point where I feel really settled here socially, mainly through said Jewish community. I have got to know several people I regard as friends, and there are lots of others I get on with and who are reliably pleased to see me.

Significant Events

  • I prepared five young people for bar mitzvah, and all of them had positive experiences.
  • I spent time with my Aussie cousins.
  • I visited the far north of Sweden, and had a romantic weekend in Florence!
  • I heard Leonard Cohen live.
  • I acted as an intinerant preacher in Oslo over Succot.


  • CJ Cherryh: Cyteen
  • Matt Ruff: Set this house in order
  • Jo Walton: Farthing
  • Lois McMaster Bujold: The warrior's apprentice
  • Ian McDonald: The river of gods

    Also two absolutely superlative, mind-blowing short stories: Ted Chiang's Story of your life, and Lois McMaster Bujold's Mountains of mourning. The collections they're drawn from (Stories of your life and Borders of infinity) are very good too.

    I read 62 books this year, many lent to me by cartesiandaemon, but only managed to review 39 of them. Oops.


    This has been a really good year for music. I got the point where I'd bought everything from eMusic that I already knew I wanted, so I've started exploring there and on other music-related social networks, and discovered a lot of cool new stuff. In spite of the soppy theme of the year, we don't really have an "our song"; cartesiandaemon isn't heavily into music and we don't generally spend time together in places where background music is playing.

  • Ashley Maher: Crown for adorning
  • The Weepies: Gotta have you
  • Marissa Nadler: Diamond heart
  • Noa: קרן אור (Ray of light)
  • Wolfsheim: Heroin she said

    LJ posts

  • srb: Not dieting
  • rysmiel: An evolution in SF rant
  • redaloud: Norn Iron
  • hatam_soferet: Flying with ink
  • elusis: Not dieting

    My posts

  • Privilege
  • Cancer
  • Fat
  • Feminism
  • Political Correctness

    Wonderful friends

  • hatam_soferet
  • rysmiel
  • darcydodo
  • compilerbitch
  • cartesiandaemon

    People I love and wish I'd seen more of

  • lethargic_man
  • pseudomonas
  • doseybat
  • blue_mai
  • rav_hadassah

    Non LJ friends

  • Joanna
  • SA, who has succeeded in organizing a small group of people our age who are Jewishly committed, the source of most of my social life this year
  • EBH, the chairman of the Progressive group
  • RS, a former work colleague I reconnected with at a conference in the autumn
  • SS, another of the young Jewish crowd.

    People I'm really glad I got to know (this list ends up with a lot of cartesiandaemon's friends, which is another lovely thing about the relationship)

  • atreic
  • sonicdrift
  • feanelwa
  • T&R
  • simont

    New to my friendlist (also lots of these poached from cartesiandaemon)

  • daharyn
  • rochvelleth
  • kaberett
  • khalinche
  • forestofglory

    People who made it to Sweden

  • ewtikins and hairyears
  • blue_mai
  • hatam_soferet
  • fivemack
  • cartesiandaemon!

  • Whereaboooots: Älvsjö, Stockholm, Sweden
    Moooood: lovedloved
    Tuuuuune: Laine: Undantag
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    hairyears: default
    Date:January 11th, 2009 11:33 pm (UTC)
    1 hours after journal entry, January 12th, 2009 12:33 am (hairyears's time)
    A memorable year, indeed.

    Have you got 'round to reading Devil to the Belt yet? Same universe as Cyteen and very much the same atmosphere.
    (Reply to this comment) (Thread)
    cartesiandaemon: default
    Date:January 12th, 2009 03:38 pm (UTC)
    17 hours after journal entry
    (Reply to this comment) (Thread)
    atreic: default
    Date:January 12th, 2009 07:35 pm (UTC)
    21 hours after journal entry, 08:35 pm (atreic's time)

    The feeling's mutual!
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