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La vie est belle

It's got to be a good day when one of my favourite people in the whole world decides to join up to LJ. So, a very warm welcome to hatam_soferet, who has been lurking here for a while and occasionally treating us to insightful comments, under the name of 'J'.

To add to my general happiness, I had a delightful weekend, with good food and excellent company. More detail if and when I get round to it, but: Thursday night I went out with LC for a birthday meal. Chinese buffet, food nothing exceptional but perfectly pleasant and the staff were absolutely wonderful. Got to meet LC's sweetheart for the first time; he seems a lovely chap. Then I spent most of Friday preparing the meal for the evening. Unfortunately four people cancelled on us at the last minute, but that didn't stop LC, LC's bloke, J&J and myself having a delightful evening. Too much food is definitely better than the opposite. And I've discovered that darcydodo's potato salad also tastes delicious the next day, stir-fried with ginger.

I had a total vegetating day Saturday, which I really needed. Then in the evening I went to J&J's temporary place in Strathkinness for a pudding party. Pudding parties are an excellent invention, and this one was a fine example of the genre. Ben & Jerrys! apple crumble! layered chocolate mousses! chapeau de cardinale (mine; I was quite pleased it worked out) tea! and just to make it perfect, log fire! chestnuts! kosher marshmallows!!! So, all in all, a very happy indiv-ewe-al here.

Oh, and another happy thing: my friend MK was awarded his PhD on Friday. Many congratulations to him.

And this is my 100th entry; I don't know if that is cause for celebration, but anyway.

The only cloud on my horizon is that I have come down with a really grotty horrible cold. Hence I'm taking this evening off and updating my journal instead of working.

Oh yes, I wrote a backdated review of Holy Fire and didn't get round to linking to it.
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