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A (long) weekend of much yayness

Yay Scottish Inter Faith Council, especially IF macher M. Yay successful and enjoyable conference.

Yay Finding Nemo. Yay Mary Renault and Greg Egan for writing good books and keeping me entertained on long journeys.

Yay seeing lethargic_man. Yay Verulamium and yay Romans.

Yay evening with doseybat and meeting her housemate M and re_miel. Yay Indian food.

Yay finally making it to Brighton, yay styles of architecture that belong on top of cakes. Yay Romeo & Juliet. Yay my parents. Yay Screwy and Screwy's ultra swish flat and housemates and carers. Yay my parents again, this time for doing me a massive favour by driving miles out of their way to get me to a party.

Multiple yays for doseybat, and happy birthday to her (which I didn't post on her actual birthday cos at that time I was at her party). Yay most excellent party with plenty of good conversation and interesting people (half of whom seem to be connected to lethargic_man in unexpected ways). Yay for fluffymark for providing a delightful venue for the party and being a generally charming co-host.

Yay sleepovers. Yay even though I didn't get nearly enough sleep. But it was worth it because I didn't have to break off any good conversations to go home, and indeed more good conversations continued in the morning. And also because circumstances combined (with a gratefully appreciated helping hand from doseybat) to favour a certain ruse of mine *smug grin*. And yay compilerbitch who not only made a cooked breakfast for everyone, but very graciously made a completely separate veggie version for me. Yay mushrooms and hash browns and veggie sausages and stuff.

Yay London being pretty at sunset, and yay black swans and other ex-colonial wildlife in London parks.

Yay lethargic_man again, for masses of reasons that I'm probably not going to go in to even if I manage to expand this into proper posts. But this weekend was a good chance to be reminded how wonderful he is in general, and wonderful for me.

Yay the whole of Scotland being covered with highly photogenic frost as I was travelling home this morning. Yay being back on LJ.

Ugh, this meta-blogging is a very bad habit. But at least I have some reminders to myself of all the stuff I want to talk about. And I really need to start catching up on the sleep I've not been getting while all this fun was going on.
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